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Using donor sperms
Who are donor sperms
How can i access the sperm donor program

Using donor sperms

For some couples, creating a family is only possible with the use of donor sperm. Using donor sperm is extremely personal decision and should be taken after careful consideration & discussion.
Before proceeding with sperm donation program, your fertility specialist will clarify all your options and discuss the entire process with you.

Donor sperm can be used for both IUI and IVF & we will help you choose the best treatment for you.

At HOPE IVF, we’re happy to provide our patients with access to sperm donation program as soon as the couple is mentally ready.


We know men who become father despite all obstacles, are the best father a child can have.

No matter what social, educational or professional background you come from, there can be still a significant apprehension in deciding for such a big step like using donor sperm, husband and wife both have their own set of embarrassments and stigmas attached with this procedure. We at HOPE IVF out of our extensive experience with national and international patients understand what such couples go through emotionally and hence we have included use of sperm donor under our ‘Husband priority” program, a program where we give special consideration and design treatments that are out of the routine for the husbands while making the patient as comfortable as possible. This patient-centric, scientific and sensitive approach towards male infertility makes HOPE IVF much more than just another run of the mill fertility center.


Who are the sperm donors ?

The donor semen is from ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) registered ART banks, where the donor is selected only after they successfully cross all physical and medical tests. The identity of the donor is not released to us hence we cannot share that with you however we do get some very basic physical body structures, which we can pass on to you too.


How can I access the sperm donor program ?

HOPE IVF specialists after your pre-IVF tests will determine if you really are in need of donor sperm and then after discussing with you will chart an appropriate treatment plan.


Using Donor Eggs

At HOPE IVF we make sure that usage of donor egg is only when we are certain that trying anymore with self eggs won’t be in the best interest of the patient. Once this option is brought on the table, we would then discuss with you about the donor selection.


At HOPE IVF we offer ‘egg Donation Program” only to the couples who can’t conceive with their owns eggs for any reason.

Thus for such couples, donor eggs are the only way to become a parent, because of:

  • Premature ovarian failure (menopause)
  • Unexplained and repeated miscarriage
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Genetic issues
  • Infertility after cancer treatment or a serious illness
  • Repeated IVF failures

If you’re thinking about using donor eggs, talk to your fertility specialist about our Egg Donation Program.

We are proud we have played a vital role in creating happy families via this treatment approach.


How do I get the donor eggs ?

In this program healthy fertile woman is selected from ICMR (Indian Council of medical Research) and she undergoes ovarian stimulation after which the eggs are aspirated and legally donated to the couple in need. These eggs can then be used for IVF treatment, same time the egg recipient also received hormonal therapy for her womb and body to be ready to accept the developing zygote so that she can carry it for full term like any ordinary pregnancy. The donors need to be anonymous according to ICMR guidelines.


Using donor embryos

No matter how much science can help but IVF treatment is a testing period and many couples gone through such emotional highs and lows understand the pain of other couples going though the same issues and hence these couple after a decision can anonymously donate their embryos.

If you think you can go through this complex and emotionally process to be ready to accept donated embryos, then this can be another line of treatment for you. Of course there is always our counselor who would help you understand and make this decision.


All communications are 100% confidential.